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Simply… Me


I’m pretty sure the only reason I took the daily prompt here today is because of how much I love the color black… I feel comfortable in black… I prefer to blend in and not really be noticed, as opposed to wearing color and standing out more than I do…


It’s sometimes a hard decision to put yourself out there… I have technically all of my social networking profiles pinned to this site, so it’s really not that far out there that I finally show my face on the blog itself… I mean, I’ve shown my body… And my face is definitely far better to look at then that… Most of the time…

Anyways… I figured, what the hell… I’ve taken some cute pictures recently… And, the unflattering pictures of me are also all over my instagram… So, might as well just leap into the deep end head first…

When I took this picture, I was actually super critical of it… Considering I hate my hair… I swear I look like I have a bowl cut and am just a pre-teen boy in drag… My hair is actually pretty much the same length, so it honestly looks like I have a mullet going on … You can’t even see my brows, which I worked so hard on… And, I had to add this filter in order to even out my skin tone because I didn’t actually put any foundation on.
However I am actually about that alabaster… I didn’t go outside much this summer and and the purity of Scandinavian Vikings, plus the not so great German run through my blood… Not to mention Italian, Irish and some other stuff…

After I posted this picture I had issues seeing me in there… but I guess it is… It has to be, I took it…

My hair’s actually a mix of dark brown, light brown, red and blonde… But, I color it quite some crazy colors frequently, and after cutting all my hair off recently to let it grow out evenly from my side shave, I covered the blonde and turquoise blue up with black hair dye…

I’m itching to color it some amazing fashion color again… And I think I’m going to go with Neon or Lime Green… Been a while since


anyways. I’m done for tonight… I’m so tired…



I'm Nickey. I'm a super-mediocre-wanna-be blogger/model/makeup artist/musician/photographer/scholar. I'm a walking contradiction. I don't do life-changing or motivational. I struggle with mental health issues, physical health issues, and suffer from a disease called "life sucks"... These are usually just my thoughts, out there in the open when, and if, I feel like posting.

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