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Dear Gideon:

I find myself overwhelmed lately. I started this to help me and introduce you, and it seems I am not keeping up with my end of the bargain.

I find images of you more bearable now. This picture was taken not long after we moved in with my parents in 2012. We had gone to the zoo and walked around. This was a really good picture. I have a bunch on my cloud drive and my facebook. Its easier to look, but I still get sad.

I remember one time before you were 1, I had a full length mirror in the living room against the wall. You were just learning to pull yourself into a standing position. You tried doing that with the mirror and it fell onto you, breaking on your head. I was very frantically trying to clean up all the glass and make sure you were alright. Grabbing a flashlight and some tweezers, i made sure there was no glass in your hair or cut before cleaning up your forehead and putting a bandaid on you.

It was around this time. I used to have a picture of you with thr bandaid, not sure if it is on my cloud drive or gone, but this is as close as I can get right now. Perhaps I’ll edit when and if I find it.

It was a while before we put anything unsecured from the walls until you could full walk.
Your mother



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