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Dear Gideon.

If there’s any a better time to start some kind of road towards healing, i never knew it before 2am.

And what better way to start then by saying:

Words can be amazing, no one holds them with higher regard then the person they are directed towards.

I love you, and though that may never have been certain in your heart, i hope that by the time you are old enough to Google your own name that you find this journey and know No truer words have ever been spoken. I lost myself without you. I hope to make my choices more clear for you and in the process, learn to heal myself.
Your mother



I'm Nickey. I'm a super-mediocre-wanna-be blogger/model/makeup artist/musician/photographer/scholar. I'm a walking contradiction. I don't do life-changing or motivational. I struggle with mental health issues, physical health issues, and suffer from a disease called "life sucks"... These are usually just my thoughts, out there in the open when, and if, I feel like posting.

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