Garth Nix: The Old Kingdom Series part 2


Garth Nix “Sabriel”


So, I’m currently on Lireal, and honestly haven’t picked it up since I wrote the blog about Clariel. I was thinking about trying to add all 3 of the main books into their own blog, but if I keep up my reading speed, I’ll never get anything done. I also don’t want to give away everything in the books, so I’ll just summarize the main points and you can determine from there if you want to read them.

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So, today we’re going to discuss Sabriel. Book 1 of the trilogy turned saga and set some odd centuries (I think 600 or so) after the happenings of Clariel.
Sabriel is where we really get a good look into the life of the ABHORSEN who, unlike other necromancers of the area, does not rely on “Free Magic” to control the dead. By using a “charter” controlled adaptation of free magic, their bells/flutes/whistle/hand claps/screams can be used to Bind the dead and Walk them back into their respective gates, or all the way depending on the circumstances. Depending on the severity of the creature, a bell can be used to walk them. Sometimes, the Abhorsen has to step into death and take them all the way.

At the beginning of the book we read a woman died while giving birth, the company that the woman was in presumed the child dead as well, and then in steps the Abhorsen of that time, reaches into death and brings the baby back. I think we are to assume from this that children born with the touch of death are often assisted back to the “living” realm.
Clariel makes a small appearance in Sabriel at some point, but under a guise. and honestly, I wouldn’t have even known at all about it unless I had finished Clariel to completion.
As we move forward we find Sabriel in a womans finishing school that is based in Ancelstierre. She is aware of the fact that she is from the Old Kingdom, and that her father is the Abhorsen, just not of what it all means. He visit’s her from time to time. When things start to pick up is when the school is visited by a Monster and Sabriel has to travel into death to find out what it is. The monster hands her a satchel with a sword and a bell bandolier.
Sabriel begins her journey at this point, in hopes her father is still alive. She doesn’t know much about the state of the Old Kingdom, but it is in disrepair and Charter Stones are being broken everywhere.

She gets to the Abhorsen’s House (the house on the islet by the great waterfall mentioned in Clariel) where she meets Mogget, whom no one still understands what he is really (in fact, we don’t really figure out what he is until Lireal, but I can’t remember how we figure that out at this moment). Mogget and her set out on their journey to find her father and this is where things really pick up. She is flying with Mogget in a Paperwing (first mentioned in Clariel, though sure I did not mention them in the blog. Paperwings are basically paper airplanes made out of laminated paper and charter magic that come to life, of sorts, and can only be control with Wind Magic that is whistled by the driver) and they get attacked. Sabriel rips off Mogget’s collar to save them and crashes into a hole we later find out is the burial grounds of the royal party from 200+ years prior. Sabriel has the ring that is used to make the collar (this is also mentioned in Clariel, but not in so much detail. In fact, the ring was given to her by Mogget who just says “you’ll know how to use it when you need it”), so sabriel is able to fight off Mogget’s ethereal form and get the collar/ring back on him. The ring comes into importance again later in the book for Sabriel to stop Kerigor).
Sabriel steps into death and brings back who we come to know as Touchstone from this area and they begin to make their way back to the kingdom of Belisaer (also mentioned in Clariel as the stifling city that made her uncomfortable and both her parents died in). The city has been overrun by the dead, but this is where her father is.

The story is an epic collaboration that is built around knowing what happened with Clariel and some of the short stories that are also involved with the old Kingdom.
By the end of Sabriel, we can safely assume that the Old Kingdom is going to be shaped up and some what fixed so that by the beginning of Lireal (some 20 years later) we can be introduced to Chlorr of the Mask, Hedge and Orranis.


I’m always open to helpful criticism and suggestions, sorry to say, though, that I already have my next few series picked out when I’m done with the Old Kingdom, I have 3 more books (since I won’t be including the short story collections in this) to go with the Old Kingdom and then I will be moving on to The Strain by Guillermo Del Torro and on from there I will try and finally read the Game of Throne series (6 whole books….) by George R. R. Martin.
I have a list of all the books I own/need if you want to make a suggestion for reads, or just send me ideas of what you like!!!
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#52weekmusicchallenge – week 10

I’m a little late putting this up, not to mention I missed week 11 last week, so this week I need to do week 11 and week 12…. *sigh*


anyways, week 10 I decided to go with a song that I’ve sang at karaoke before. I also tried learning it on the guitar, but it just didn’t sound as good without the piano backing it up. So I taught myself enough of the song to at least be able to play it for the video haha. I am not sure if that’s defeating the purpose of this challenge, only learning bits and pieces of songs instead of the whole thing, but it works for me, especially since I can’t get more than a minute of a song uploaded on to instagram.

Adele, just like SIA, has always been a strong powerful voice and lyricist in my adult years. I’m not sure if Adele writes her own music like SIA does, though. Adele won U.K Idol or something and has been fire since her first released EP “rolling in the deep”.

“Someone Like You” is a song about not having moved on from a lover to see that they have found their happiness in someone else. The lyrics are not very ground-breaking as  she is, in fact, wishing them the best, but also telling him “I’ll find someone like you, just don’t forget about me now that you have her”.
In a way, it’s kind of a stalker-ish, abusive song. Like, he broke up with you… You never got over said “love”, you keep checking their facebook until one day you finally see that he’s “in a relationship” and that’s when you decide to contact said person and be like “What does she give you that I didn’t… I still care about you… I’ll never get over you” and trying to bring up old nostalgia that she hopes will help him realize that he made a big mistake and he should really be with her…

Other than all those stone cold facts, it’s a really good song.


52 Weeks of Music Challenge – Week 9

Though I probably forgot to mention it in my last blog regarding my 52 weeks challenge. I had decided that if I was going to be doing this challenge and have a piano, I might as well try and teach myself how to actually read music and try to get back to my classical training (in all reality I had 2 years of piano lessons that I competed with, all music learned was classical).

So, for week 9, I spent the majority of week 8 left over and most of week 9 spent learning how to play Moonlight Sonata. It took me 2 weeks to get to the point I felt comfortable posting a video as part of my challenge (though there are 2 other posts re this song, and I even posted those 2 videos to youtube)

I decided to try Moonlight Sonata, because even though it’s an easily recognizable song it’s also a pretty difficult song as far as timing and hand placement. I’d give this song an “intermediate level” rating, and suggest if you can’t read music to follow the sheet music along with the song so you get a general idea of how and where things are done.

I am actually slacking, because it’s now Monday of week 10 and I haven’t even figured out what I want to do for this week, but I think it’s going to be another piano rendition of a modern pop song… I’m not sure yet….


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Garth Nix: The Old Kingdom series, part 1

First and foremost, the picture used as featured image is mentioned in a previous blog (Should I start a book series…?). Also, I was trying to do several things while typing this up, so I really hope I can get this finished today haha. Trying to utilize my free time as best I can between work schedule and life.

NOW- On to the main feature.

When I first picked up this series, I was this awkward kid in high school who really didn’t have any friends. The small group I had was very tight nit, and we seemed to have at least one person from all different groups, yet we were all still outcast’s. I read avidly in my former years, it was a great escape from my life, and with my vivid imagination, it often helped me cope with quite a lot also. This series had been introduced to me by the goth-y girl in the group, and I loved it. I myself am strange and unusual, as Lydia (beetle-juice) put it.

Now, since I’ve read this  Trilogy, it has turned into a series. Back when I first read it, it was just 3 main books; Sabriel, Lireal and Abhorsen.
Upon researching the series to purchase it again, I have learned they have added 5 other books. Clariel, a prequel set 200 years before Sabriel. The Creature in the Case, Goldenhand, Hold the Bridge (another prequel that takes place around or before the time of Clariel) and a series of short story’s interwoven into the Old Kingdom titled, Across the Wall (3 of the stories are prequels and 1 takes place after Goldenhand). I own all books now a side from The Creature in the Case and Across the Wall. I tried to purchase both, but it was late at night and my bank kept denying my charges because I was purchasing the books from the United Kingdom and I didn’t tell my bank about the purchases, so they kept denying my card.

As I didn’t want to try and read all 8 books and then force a blog together, I thought I’d introduce you to the world of the Old Kingdom, with Clariel – The Lost Abhorsen, and in the Part 2, I will then jump forward 600+ years, to introduce you to Sabriel and the current condition after the fall of the Old Kingdom some 20 years prior to her arrival in the world. I’ve read both within the last month, so they’re still pretty fresh on my mind, I’ll write about Sabriel next. And then when I finish with Lireal – Daughter of the Clayr, I’ll write about that, as it’s a significantly thicker book and I don’t want to leave anything out.

Considering I was unable to purchase To Hold The Bridge and Across The Wall, I will have to start with the prequel that I own, going a bit out of internal chronological order, since technically To Hold the Bridge is the first book chronologically, and between Clariel and Sabriel stands three of the short stories in the book Across The Wall.

I would like to point out that you in no way have to read them in Story Line chronological, and can instead read them in the order in which they were published, as with any Trilogy that turns into a series, each book has a tie in to the rest, whether it be characters, time frames or location.

I find it’s best to read in some what of a time line order, so you’re not confused and left feeling like you weren’t part of some grand secret passed around through the pages of your book. But, as I mentioned before, if you would prefer to read in order of of distribution date, it’s as follows; Sabriel, Lireal, Abhorsen, Across the Wall (Short Story Collection published in 2005 and has The Creature in the Case as the first story),  Clariel (published 2014), To Hold the Bridge (Short Story Collection Published in 2015 and has To Hold the Bridge: An Old Kingdom Story as the first story), Goldenhand (published in 2016).  To Hold the Bridge and Across the Wall are all short story collections you can omit, but they’re naming stories are the first ones in those books and are helpful with explanation of things and equally as part of the story as anything else.

Now, to get on to some descriptions that you will run into in Clariel- The Lost Abhorsen. This book is where we start learning a little about the Great Charter and Free Magic (the perversion of the Charter). This is also our first crash-course introduction to the Abhorsen’s (the lineage who imprison and destroy Dead and Free Magic creatures). It is a bit confusing without the explanation, though it is covered, but the Abhorsen’s use free magic along side of the Charter to help right the wrongs created by Necromancers (which they are of a sort) and Free Magic organisms. Though not thoroughly explained in Clariel, the great charter is made out of 5 different things, the five great charters aren’t really explained until Sabriel:
The Five Great Charters knit the land.
Together linked, hand in hand.

One in the people who wear the crown (the royal bloodline)
Two in the folk who keep the Dead down (the Abhorsen line, which also has relation to the crown).
Three and Five became stone and mortar (the great charter stones and the wall separating the old kingdom from Ancelsteirre (which is not brought up until Sabriel) and actually made out of the lineage of the wall makers. The Charter stones actually are the source of the great charter. We are led to believe that the old kingdom is Scotland and Acelsteirre is represented as London, both on separate planes of existence separated by the wall (the rift)).
Four sees all in frozen water (meaning the Clayr, who live in a mountain with a Glacier in which they use to concentrate their power of Sight).

You can get a good deal on the book here!!!

clariel book

Garth Nix Clariel- The Lost Abhorsen (Image from GoodReads)

Let’s get into Clariel- The Lost Abhorsen now. A title not actual fitting, as most would foreshadow that title meaning the Title Character is going to grow into a part that is mentioned in the title, but as we go through the book we learn what the title really means.

In reading this prequel, we learn a lot about the beginning of the fall of the kingdom and the struggle of responsibility in more than just the main character, but we also learn to understand Clariel as a whole.

The book tells the tale of Clariel, a lost girl who doesn’t know what she wants out of life other than to be alone and in nature. Her parents are not so much a part of her life as they are the only thing standing in her way to live the way she wants. We’re thrown from a quaint little village in the woods to the bustling city, and Kingdom capital, Belisaere. Clariel’s parents being advised to move to the kingdom, as Jaciel: mother of Clariel, Daughter of Abhorsen and Niece of the King at the time), thus making them a very notable family in the kingdom, is called to join the ranks of her guild as a High Member in a conspiratorial plan that’s unknown at the moment. Jaciel is what’s called a Gold-Smith. She can use the Charter to manipulate metal’s and creates the kingdoms jewelry, crowns, etc. Belisaere is located on land surrounded by water and a running aqueduct runs the perimeter. Running water keeps the dead out, they are unable to pass, cross over or go under any kind of moving water (this is not really explained as to why, but when we get into Sabriel, we get an idea of what “Death” and it’s 9 realms looks like and can guess from there).
While in the kingdom, we learn the King has since given up on any ruling after the death of his daughter and disappearance of his granddaughter. It is later found, upon Clariel’s Kinship meeeting, that he had given into madness in waiting for his granddaughter for 20 years, giving up on commanding out of spite of his age.
The busy, crowded city turns out to be way to much for the 17 year old Clariel, who’s spirit of wanderlust and avid avoidance of anything bearing life outside of the animal species, and she finds herself constantly struggling with wanting to get out and away, but the rules keep her bound to her parents.

In the beginning, she is forced in an “etiquette school” where she is to learn about what it is like to be a lady of high class. Upon meeting the magistrate, she learns that she wants to run her own hunting lodge and is given the correct amount she would need to be free of the city and on her own. This is also where she meets the Governor’s son and her cousin, Belatiel. She is also instructed she needs to learn Charter Magic, something she was not quite thrilled of.
Upon entering her first lesson in Charter 101, we learn that Clariel is something called a “Berserk”. This is a family bloodline inheritance that causes the wielder to lose all control and the rage takes over. Berserk also offers an infinity for Free Magic to take over the wielders life.
We start learning that the city is under attack by a Free Magic creature of power, a long with the “governor” and his family, who took over control of the city when the King stopped caring.
Clariel strikes a deal with the Mage teaching her that if she helps find and capture the free magic creature, they will provide her with the necessary means to escape the city and live the life she wants.
Clariel agrees, along with her Cousin (of the abhorsen side), Belatiel, joins a company of past royal guard members. Clariel and Belatiel are cornered by the Free Magic creature, who tries to kill Belatiel, but Clariel’s berserk-er rage kicks in and she starts mentally dominating the free magic creature.
The party learns that the governor is plotting to overthrow the crown, as Clariel learns she is to marry the Governor’s son. She is to first meet with the King and then there is a dinner, which ends rather poorly.
After this, she then begins to realize how quickly she enjoyed the idea of dominating and creating servants. She tries to fight it, and is taken to the Abhorsen’s House (on a small islet on the edge of a massive waterfall). Where we first come into meeting Mogget (yrael, one of 9 advanced and powerful free magic elements, held captive by one of the 7 bells carried by the Abhorsen and equal to the representations of death) in the form of a snow white cat. No one really knows what Mogget is or how he came to be a servant of the Abhorsen, just that he is there and is unable to do any harm or leave the house without permission. Mogget begins out as a helpful ally. Assisting Clariel in her escape, telling her she will need the aid of the free magic creature that she fought previously and was brought into the house of the Abhorsen as she was in order to get out of the house and back to Belisaere as quickly as possibly.
Along the way the stop and get and ensorceled sword and she comes into contact with a pair of bells that are purely Free Magic. She is tempted to grab them but decides it’s for the best to stick with the sword.

Without getting too much into the book and spoiling it, I thought it best to end here with my “recap”. I left major plot points out, as it really gives away the whole idea of the book and the title. There are some things that will be pointed out in Lireal and Abhorsen that are vaguely insinuated at in this book, so can be explained with the posts containing those two books.

Now, onto my personal feelings of the book.
I thought it was a great read, though honestly I find it pretty hard to embrace Clariel at this early point in her story. Though I understand her need to be free and alone, rebelling against her parents every chance she gets, I can’t seem to get past the fact that she was a character split in 2. She was constantly struggling with wanting to leave and “hating” her parents yet also wanting to remain and feel that “familial” connection that she struggled to see anywhere.
As with all the books, the main character is strong and raised independent. As is the repetitive Abhorsen way, loneliness and lacking in any familial and familiar connections. The main characters are always struggling with a way to fit in or constantly lamenting on how they don’t.
This book was more of a background about a character that’s brought up in later books than it was about anything else. We don’t get into much of the abhorsen and their job and we don’t get into anything else mentioned in the other books, like the fall of the kingdom and the rise of the dead. This stuff is briefly explained in following books, and even stuff that is vaguely mentioned in other books starts to make a bit more sense with the addition of this background, but the book in it’s entirety could have been a short novella instead of an entire book to get the same point across.

Being a teenager when I read this Trilogy originally, I can see how I definitely identified with the main characters, but had I read Clariel at that age, I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more. The back story of the character would have been an intricate part of my enjoyment of the series as a whole, where I was left otherwise confused. Being adopted when I was 13 and never really having friends to rely on until after entering the threshold of my teenage years, I was constantly fighting with the need to fit in and seeking some kind of connection that I hadn’t had previously, but never actually finding it in anything or anyone.

In all the books, there are things that leave much to question with the reader. A lot of things can’t be talked about due to the Charter, so even Mogget (or any of the other representations) can not speak of such things. Which makes it difficult to understand some of the underlying meanings of events that are mentioned. It leaves a lot to the imagination, which is good if you’re creatively able to piece together all the things that are mentioned without looking like a deranged lunatic.

I can say, though, that I am enjoying reliving the story’s of my youth. That with these books I was able to bring up memories I had since squashed back into a deep corner of my mind. I can’t say that they were all good memory’s, but I can say that thanks to my imagination and my keen ability to read a book in less than 48 hours, I had a lot of adventures that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

This book, like all the books in this series, take you away to a land that a dreamer can imagine into a reality of sorts. The descriptive entries about the land that is traveled is a helpful aide in bringing this story to life in your minds eye. These books are not about love or budding relationships, though there are some of those in this series, these tales are about the struggle of responsibility and coming into age during a time that is most difficult for the main character.

One can often get confused while reading, because there are some random jumps from the main characters thought process to that of her human travelling companion (when acquired), but it is rare for it to actually do that.

Being that I”m not entirely sure how to blog about reading selections, any kind of criticism or suggestions will be helpful. I think I kind of looked at this as an “essay” or “book review” type of thing, and I wanted to steer clear of sounding to “Middle School” about the whole thing, you know, with the awkward oral presentation of the book as a whole…. Though, in my attempt to avoid that, I think I might have done exactly that. Maybe I should have done some more research and read others book blogs

I think I might be able to avoid that by doing a series as a whole, instead of book by book, but I need to experiment a bit more in how I do things like this.

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Should I start a book series…?

Disclaimer-featured image is taken from stock internet photo’s but original done as “read a damn book” by KGullHolmen a NeatoShop artist


Recently, I’ve been trying to read a bit more (it’s kind of why my online presence is a bit lacking these days). I have quite a few books on my shelf that I haven’t had the opportunity to read yet and I happen to want more books… So, I’m trying to catch up… Trying to find a balance with reading, work, trying to get some fitness in here and there and my ever needing desire to sit and watch netflix all day is a bit of a struggle… To the point I have tried even “planning” my day, to get time in to do everything I’d like…
This week is a bit difficult because I decided to take on a bunch of extra hours in order to help myself afford a new tattoo, so sticking to my planner hasn’t actually happened at all (and, before you say it, yes I know… It’s only Tuesday).

So, since I’ve been reading a bit lately, and I still want to be able to get some posts out every once in a while (even with my dreaded work schedule so I can afford stuff and things). I thought I could try and do a “book series” like I’m doing with my 52 weeks of music?

I know I’m 2 months deep in to the year 2018, but I’ve read a few books this year so far, so I think I can kind of make up for it… I honestly don’t think I can read a book in a week at this time in my life, unless I really gave up on trying to do anything else. But, maybe I could post every once in a while as I make my way through my collection.
I don’t have many subscribers on here, so I’m not sure how the ones that do read my post’s would feel about this kind of post being put out there, I’d love to hear your thoughts?

So, I thought since I had decided to do this, I would go through and list all the books that I have currently (and some I want), with a check mark next to the ones I have to still read:

Now, these won’t be in alphabetical order, but a lot of the “series” I will be putting in here are in Chronological Reading Order, so if you’re looking at a list of books and you’re thinking to yourself “that’s not right…” you are more than likely correct, but based off of the time frames of books and sequels and prequels, this is how I determine my lists.

This is a mix of books I don’t own, Books I have read and don’t own (but need to re-read), books I own and books I own that I have read, digital copies I own (and might have read).


A Song of Fire and Ice Series (GoT) by George R. R Martin

  • -A Game of Thrones 
    -A Clash of Kings
    -A Storm of Swords
    -A Feast For Crows
    -A Dance with Dragons
    -The Winds of Winter (not out yet)
    -A Dream of Spring (not out yet)
    • -Side Books
      • -The Hedge Knight
        -The Sworn Sword (not out yet)
        -The Mystery Knight (not out yet)


Dark Tower Series by Stephen King

-The Gunslinger
-The Drawing of the Three
-The Wastelands
           -The Stand
           -The Talisman
-Wizard and the Glass
           -The Eyes of The Dragon
           -Little Sisters of Eluria (in Everythings Eventual collection)
-Wind Through The Keyhole
 -Salem’s Lot
-Wolves of the Calla
-Song of Susannah
             -Low Men in Yellow Coats (in Hearts of Atlantis collection)
             -Black House (richard bachman)
             -Everythings Eventual (in Everythings Eventual collection)
-The Dark Tower

Old Kingdom (Abhorsen) Series by Garth Nix

-Clariel – The Lost Abhorsen (prequel)
-Lireal – Daughter of the Clayr
-The Creature in the Case
-Hold The Bridge


Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind

-First Confessor
-Debt of Bones
-Wizards First Rule
-Stone of Tears
-Blood of the Fold
-Temple of Winds
-Soul of the Fire
-Faith of the Fallen
-The Pillars of Creation
-Naked Empire   
-The Chain Fire Trilogy (within series)
-Chain Fire
-The Richard and Kahlan Series (within the series)
-The Omen Machine
-The Third Kingdom
-Severed Souls
-The Law of Nines


Wheel Of Time Series by Robert Jordan

-The Eye of the World
-The Great Hunt
-The Dragon Reborn
-The Shadow Rising
-The Fires of Heaven
-Lord of Chaos
-A Crown of Swords
-The Path of Daggers
-Winters Heart
-Cross Roads of Twilight
-New Spring
-Knife of Dreams
-The Gather Storm
-Towers of Midnight
-A Memory Light


Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

-Interview with the Vampire
-The Vampire Lestat (lestat series)
-The Queen of the Damned (lestat series)
-The Tale of the Body Theif
-The Lives of the Mayfair Witches series (within vampire chronicals timeline)
-The Witching Hour
-Memnoch The Devil (lestat series)
-Pandora (pt 1 of new tales of the vampire chornices (chronicals and mayfair crossover)) -The Vampire Armond
-Vittorio the Vampire (part 2 of new tales of the vampires (chronicals and mayfair crossover))
-Merrick (chronicals and mayfair cross over)
-Blood and Gold (lestat series)
-Blackwood Farm (chronicals and mayfair cross over)
-Blood Canticle (chronicals and mayfair crossover with lestat)
-Prince Lestat (lestat series)
-Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis (lestat series)

Hannibal Lecter series by Thomas Harris

-Hannibal Rising (prequel)
-Red Dragon
-Silence of the Lambs


Strain Trilogy by Guillermo Del Torro

-The Strain
-The Fall
-The Night Eternal


Imajica by Clive Barker (the hellraiser series writer)

-The Reconciliation
-The Fifth Dominion


Carpathian Novels by Christine Feehan

-Dark Prince
-Dark Desire
-Dark Challenge
-Dark Magic
-Dark Gold
-Dark Dream
-Dark Fire
-Dark Guardian
-Dark Legend
-Dark Melody
-Dark Descent
-Dark Symphony
-Dark Destiny
-Dark Hunger
-Dark Secret
-Dark Dreamers
-Dark Demons
-Dark Celebration
-Dark Possession
-Dark Curse
-Dark Slayer
-Dark Peril
-Dark Dream
-Dark Predetor
-Dark Storm
-Dark Lycan
-Dark Wolfe
-Dark Blood
-Edge of Darkness
-Dark Ghost
-Dark Promises
-Dark Carousel
-Dark Legacy


Fallen Series by Lauren Kate

-Fallen in Love

House of Night series by P.C Cast and Kristen Cast

-Dragons Oat
-Lenobia’s Vow
-Neferet’s Curse
-Kalona’s Fall

Lords of the Underwold series by Gena Showalter

-The Darkest Pleasure
-The Darkest Kiss
-The Darkest Night
-The Darkest Whisper
-The Darkest Lie
-The Darkest Passion
-The Darkest Secret
-The Darkest Surrender
-The Darkest Seduction
-The Darkest Craving
The Darkest Touch
-The Darkest Torment
-The Darkest Promise

Hollows series by Kim Harrison

-Dead Witch Walking
-The Good, The Bad and the Undead
-Every Which Way but Dead
-A Fist Full of Charms
-For  few Demons More
-The Outlaw Demon Wails
-White Witch, Black Curse
-Black Magic Sanction
-Pale Demon
-A Perfect Blood
-Ever After
-The Undead Pool
-The Witch with no Name
-Dirty Magic
-The Bridges of Eden Park
-Undead Garden of Good and Evil
-Sudden Back Track


Herculine Trilogy by James Reese

-The Book of Shadows
-The Book of Spirits
-The Witchery

The Immortal Series by Jennifer Ashley, Robin T. Popp and Joy Nash

-The Calling
-The Darkening
-The Awakening
-The Gathering
-The Redeeming
-Wolf Hunt (in The Reckoning Collection)
-The Crossing
-Blood Debt (In The Reckoning collection)
-The Haunting
-Beyond the Mist (in The Reckoning collection)
-Forbidden Taste
-Taming The Vampire Anthology (Mandy M Roth short stories collection)


Ramses The Damned by Anne Rice

-The Mummy or Ramses the Damned
-The Passion of Cleopatra

Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice

-The Claiming
-Beauty’s Punishment
-Beauty’s Release
-Beauty’s Kingom


Bill Hodges Trilogy by Stephen King

-Mr. Mercedes
-Finders Keepers
-End of Watch


Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix

-Mister Monday
-Grim Tuesday
-Drowned Wednesday
-Sir Thursday
-Lady Friday
-Superior Saturday
-Lord Sunday


Stephen King Books (in alphabetical-ish order, minus Dark Tower series and Bill Hodges trilogy)

-11-22-63 (Dark Tower Connected)
-Bag of Bones (Dark Tower connected)
-Cell (Dark Tower connected)
-Christine -The Colorado Kid
-Cujo (Dark Tower connected)
-Cycle of the Werewolfe
-The Dark Half
-The Dead Zone
-Desperation (Dark Tower connected)
-Different Seasons collection (Dark Tower connected)
-Doctor Sleep (Dark Tower connected)
-Dolores Claiborne
-Dreamcatcher (Dark Tower Connected)
-Finders Keepers
-Fire Starter
-From a Buick 8 (Dark Tower Connected)
-Geralds Game
-The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon
-The Green Mile series
-Coffey on the Mile
-Coffey’s Hands
-Night Journey
-The Bad Death of Edward Delacroix
-The Complete Serial Novel
-The Mouse on the Mile
-The Two Dead Girls
-Just After Sunset collection (Dark Tower connected)
-IT (Dark Tower connected)
-Lisy’s Story (Dark Tower connected)
-Needful Things (Dark Tower connected)
-Night Surf (Dark Tower connected)
-Night Shift collection
-Nightmare’s and Dreamscapes collection (Dark Tower connected)
-The Outsider
-Pet Semetary (Dark Dower connected)
-The Plant: Zenith Rising (Dark Tower connected)
-The Regulators (Dark Dower connected)
-Rose Madder (Dark Tower Connected)
-The Shining (Dark Tower Connected)
-Sleepwalkers (Dark tower connected)
-The Stand: The Complete and Uncut Edition (Dark Tower connected) but a good read by itself
-The TommyKnockers
-Under the Dome 
-Skeleton Crew
-The Reapers Image
-Night Surf
-Suffer the Children
-The Fifth Quarter
-Gray Matter
-The Cat From Hell
-The Mist (Dark Tower connected)
-The Long Walk
-Road Work
-The Slow Mutants (dark tower connected)
-The Running Man
-The Body
-The Bachman Books
-The End of the Whole…
-Nightmares in the Sky
-Four Past Midnight
-The 10:00 people
-Storm of the Century (Dark Tower connected)
-The Things They Left Behind
-A Good Marriage
-Full Dark, No Stars
-Mile 81
-The Darkman
-Duma Key
(probably, very literally, a whole hell of a lot more that I’m missing… Also, a good chance some of them mentioned are short stories within a collection)

BOOKS I OWN THAT AREN’T A SERIES (or are, who knows):

-Bad Things Happen by H. Dolkas
-Darker by E.L James
-Life and Death by Stephanie Meyers
-Android Karanina
-Sepulchre by K. Mosse
-Red Ridinghood by B. Cartwright and Johnson
-Blood and Chocolate by Klause
-Complete Lord of the Rings books by J.R Tolkein
-20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
-A Tale of Two Cities
-Inferno by Dante
-Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austin
-Grimms Complete Fairy Tales
-H.P Lovecraft Complete Fiction
-Complete Cthulu Mytho’s by H.P Lovecraft
-Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe
-False Memory by Dean Koontz
-Glass House by R. Caine
-Nocturnal by Syrie James
-Blue Bloods Trilogy
-Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
-Lost Souls by Poppy Z Brite
-Prisoner of My Desire by J. Lindsay
-Shutter Island
-Thr3e by T. Dekker
-The Innocent Man by J. Grisham
-Consent to Kill by V. Flynn
-London Bridges by James Patterson
-Wintergirls by L.H. Anderson
-Reconsider Happiness
-Exit Strategy by S. McCoy
-The Visitation by Peretti
-Sharp Objects by G. Flynn
-The Golden Notebook by D. Lessing
-Clockwork Dagger by Cato
-Plato Collection’s


BOOKS I WANT (Even Series that aren’t finished yet):

-Six of Crows Series by Leigh Bardugo
-Six of Crows
-Crooked Kingdom

-Shadow of Bones series by L. Bardugo
-Shadow and Bone
-Seige and Storm
-Ruin and Rising

-Carve the Mark series by Veronica Roth
-Carve the Mark

-Caraval Series by Stephanie Garber

-Garth Nix Novels
-Newt’s Emerald
-A Confusion of Princes
-Shade’s Children


Some Books I own Digital Copies of:

-Fifty Shades
  -Fifty Shades of Grey
      -Fifty Shades Darker
      -Fifty Shades Freed

-The Chosen Series
 – Chosen

The Awakening by Kate Chopin

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks


If you have suggestions on books you’d like to read about, books you’d think I’d like to read or anything else… Let me know here or any of my social media:

Winter Blues

Guys… I don’t know if you know this about me… But I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I really want to exercise, but I find a lot of excuses and often times choose youtube/reading over really doing much of anything else.

In high school, ‘exercise’ was an excuse for me to get out of the oppressive grip of my over-bearing psycho of an adoptive mother… It was literally one of the only things she didn’t deem important enough to ‘support’ me at and it was nice to have a solid 15 hours from her a day in spring and fall. Running helped me clear my mind and relax, tennis helped me curb stress while allowing me a competetive way to effectively relieve my anger issues at the way I was being treated.. In fact, it helped me so much, I made varsity my sophomore year and played #1 singles (btw, the only actual sport I lettered in… Since band and drama didn’t count)…

A year or so after getting out of high school I had given up on running… And tho that entire year I spent walking every where (miles on miles), by the time I was 20, I experienced driving and realized how much I would rather be doing that…

I tried being more active after my son was born. Walking to the parks instead of driving, tried to pick up running again and that flopped… Then I kinda gave up for a few more years…

I’m an on again-off again kind of exerciser, even though I know how much it helps me feel better… I either get bored or I get frustrated by not doing how good I think I should be.

Having issues with how I feel in my own body, you’d think I’d greet any opportunity to be active with as much enthusiasm as I do when I order chinese food… But thats just not the case most days for me now…

It wasn’t this bad when it was warm out more than a few times a week. I was getting out at least once a day, for more than driving to work, and going for a walk or riding my bike. Sometimes, I was doing both in one day. Once the weather started getting cold, i kind of just gave up on leaving the house really…

But with the fast approaching Spring Solstice, I’m as itchy for warm weather as a crack addict looking for their next fix… I’m literally getting depressed and stir crazy…


We seem to have one day of radient, almost unnatural, warmth a week now, and its either raining or a day I work the entirety of my afternoon… I dont know about you guys, but my day doesnt really start until the clock reads 11am. It fits my schedule perfectly, i wake up any where from 8am to 10am (rarely later than that anymore) and I have anywhere from 4-6 hours to do everything I can think of a normal functioning adult human being doing (you know, like cleaning, personal hygiene/grooming, makeup, video games, read or, and most important in my book, take a nap)…

But the last week or so, I’ve been dying to get out and ride my bike, or even go for a walk… Test out this back thats spent a winter doing nothing but sitting in a chair and is 35 pounds lighter.

Take for instance, this morning… I was all about wanting to go for a walk. Woke up, drank some tea amd got dressed… Looked out the window and my spirit was crushed… It was raining… But it was in the 60’s….. I was disappointed yet another day would pass me by in a blur of laziness…

I have had opportunity knock for things, and its like I literally slink to the window, twitch the blinds and see its exercise and slink back to the couch… Or, i complain about it the entire time…

Here’s hoping tomorrows rain holds out til I’m at work, because its supposed to be mid-sixties again before noon! And nows as good a time as any to get back in on the exercise fandom….

Wish me luck, and pray for me Ahaha

52 Weeks Of Music Challenge – Weeks 6-8

I’m finally caught up with the weeks of this year. I didn’t think I was going to, Thought I was really just going to do 50 weeks, but I ended up hunkering down and trying some new stuff… Only one that is an older song I’ve known for years is this weeks (week 8) song. I’m really trying to stick to just learning something new every week, but to catch up I kind of cheated a bit, okay, so sue me 😛


I just found out this was started by Candice Brilliance Music (which I have linked the pdf file to for you, you can print that off, write down which the songs you want to learn and the dates you want them up and shared) and here you can learn more about what it’s all about and join community’s and stuff.


Anyways, so Week 6 was a fun one… Adam suggested I learn this one as we were listening to it in the car… It’s definitely NSFW and probably shouldn’t be listened to around any body under the age of 18. I find songs like this super humorous, but I get rather embarrassed and subconscious when playing stuff like this. It took 2 weeks for me to get the courage up enough to play the song on camera, and by the time I had finished, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to put it up.
So, I learned a song by #cocklorge called #iwantyou and this is the end result-

This song is the epitome of #misogyny and #fuckboi but it sure is a spot on representation of some of them men throughout my life (and anyone’s to be fair). The whole song is literally just an all around “fuck outta here” from a guy that’s too into being single but reaping benefits of those that will go anywhere near him! It’s a very funny song, honestly, but Feminists won’t like it 😛


Week 7, I had been learning this one for the last couple of weeks. I’m big on #BlueOctober if you didn’t get that from my last post about this challenge. So, I had been messing around with playing this on Piano because I thought it would make it sound better, but as I semi-suck at playing piano and can’t read sheet music, I decided this one would come out a lot better on guitar for me…
So, I only did the chorus of the song for this video, because it would have taken longer than a minute to get the first verse PLUS the chorus in, and I really like the chorus of this song.

Week 7 is #Fear by Blue October. Another passionate song about learning how to get over the hardships and anxiety in your life. Letting you know that fear will honestly just chew you up and spit you out every chance it gets until you learn how to “embrace the fall” and accept that fear is a part of life, but it’s not something that makes you weak…
Once again, a song that’s definitely not in my voice range (or maybe I just can’t really sing, I haven’t decided on that one yet…), but still powerful and timeless.


Week 8, who doesn’t like a classic rock throw back… I’ve only really ever liked #TheEagles just for the song #HotelCalifornia … Not to say I haven’t heard any of their other stuff, but honestly, they were kind of a one EP wonder in my eyes because everything else they did pales in comparison to this play on words.
Yet another song in my repetoire that embraces the lyrical poetry of drugs and fame… But, this one has a fight in it. Clearly wants to get out of the tangled web he’s in thanks to the drugs, but realizes somewhere in the middle that it’s going to be a long hard battle to the end.
So, here is week 8:

As the heading for this song states, it’s strummed as I don’t have the gift of finger picking, definitely not something that fast. Learning how to finger pick a song, not look at my fret’s and fingers AND sing is something that’s lost on me. So, strumming is what I go for… I really should just get an electric guitar and rely on power chords to make me famous!


I’m glad to be caught up finally. Now I can try and sit down and focus on one song at a time, whether it be on my piano or on my guitar…
As I type this, I’ve decided that not all the songs I learn have to be songs that have lyrics… I think if I want to incorporate more piano and get some time in on that, I might actually try sitting down and learning some classical pieces… I used to take lessons in high school, in fact I competed in Classical Piano for a few years… Maybe I can try relearning how to semi-read sheet music too (though I was never actually good at it….)


Thanks for sticking with me through this journey so far, we will be back to a regular once a week post on this Starting next week, week 9!


any suggestions on songs I should learn? Comment below, or hit me up on my social media:


52 week music challenge – weeks 4 and 5

Well, hello… I thought I’d have gotten this up last night, but I ended up not being able to do it til now… I’m placing bets on how long it will take me to post this… It’s 2/17 and currently 1:50pm


It’s now 2pm, I’m trying to write this in between working… It’s proving difficult and frustrating.

But, while I have a little bit of time, I”ll try and get into these last couple of weeks of my music challenge…

So, I actually did 2 songs this week, because I’m actually 2 weeks behind. I didn’t start doing this until the 3rd week of January. So I should actually be in week 8 this coming week since the last week of Feb is also the first week of March., so I’ll either have to do 2 more songs this week, or just play catch up at some point

Week 4, I decided to break out my piano again… This song was perfect for the piano, I feel it really helped bring out the emotion of the song. Just in case you were wondering what my new keyboard looks like, here’s a pic:


I absolutely love it! It’s touch sensitive, so depending on how hard or fast you play depends on the level of volume for the keys. It’s a 66-key #casio #ckt4400 . It’s for novice-intermediate players. Has a great recording function (that I still haven’t really figured out how to utilize) and quite a few other features that will be kind of helpful in the transposing of musics… I especially like the Hall Reverb key, as it gives you the sound that a grand would make in a room with good acoustics. It came with sheet music books with the song’s that are stored in the piano on it… But I can’t read music, so that’s useless to me HAHA.

Blue October and Justin Furstenfeld have been my go-to for relate-able and resonating song’s and lyrics. Back to when I heard my first Blue October album, #Foiled . It was perfect for my depressed, teenage-angst self back then, and even now it still really resonates with me… Justin really puts together songs that come from his experiences… Quite a few are of his battle with drug addiction, his ex wife cheating on him and divorcing him and the struggle he went through with the custody situation with his daughter, Blue… They’re a powerful band… Their words of wisdom in many of their songs have helped me a great deal, even if I don’t listen to them as much as I used to… #Imnotbrokenanymore is a great song about learning how to move on with the help of a loved one. Someone that questions your background and pushes you to see that that’s not who you are anymore… A great song, even though it’s not really in my vocal range.


Week 5, the song selection for this week was a little difficult, I’ve actually been trying to learn multiple songs over the last 2 weeks… This song is just one that really hits home with me. #Deathcabforcutie is one of my favorite #indie #punkesque bands that has just the utmost mellow chill vibe to go along with it. The emotion is real with them, but it lacks in anything other than the “I’m looking to fill the niche with the females age 13-26” emo style music that just melts your heart with the lyrics and makes you pine over the band.

However, this song is actually a really amazing tale of a love that will prosper til the end of time. The lyrics literally say “If heaven and hell decide, that they both are satisfied, illuminate the no’s on their vacancy signs, if there’s no one beside you when your soul embarks, I’ll follow you into the dark”. True #romeoandjuliet theme going on, one person filling the void.

However, I think the underlying meaning of this song is quite different than what’s right there for your eyes and ears… I think there’s more to this song than most people understand, simply because their not good at reading between the lines…

To me, this song speaks about an unrequited love that might not really be reciprocated, however, he is saying that no matter what, he’ll be there… Even if, at the end of it all, everyone she/he put in front of him is no longer there, he still will be…

Songs like this always leave me to wonder if people really pay attention or not. Because I remember when James Blunt’s #yourbeautiful came out, and people were literally dropping to their knees and proposing to this song…
If you haven’t heard James Blunt’s Your Beautiful, please click here and really listen to the song.

Now, as far as that song is concerned, you really don’t have to do much reading between the lines… Some of the lyrics clearly state “I will never be with you”… It is a song about being a hopeless romantic, seeing love in anyone, but knowing you’ll never be with them like you want to be…


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I happen to like to find the hidden meanings in songs… Sometimes there isn’t one… Sometimes it’s blatantly clear what the meaning of the song is about… Other times, it’s not so much, like Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight. That song was written after #philcollins WATCHED someone else watch someone drown… I guess the guy watching the drowning person could have done something, and didn’t… But no where in the song does it state that’s what it about, in fact one of the lyrics are “Well if you told me you were drowning, I would not lend a hand. I’ve seen your face before my friend, but I don’t know if you know who I am. Well I was there and I saw what you did, I saw it with my own two eyes. So you can wipe off that grin, I know where you’ve been
It’s all been a pack of lies.” Another good one that is pretty misleading in lyrics is Guns and Roses – Welcome To The Jungle, which though vaguely insinuates the possibility of building a drug habit, no where comes near indicating it’s about a struggle with heroin in the music community…
I went to a college in Kansas for a semester, the mascot was a Gorilla, and the theme song they chose for the college before all football and basketball games was this song…


So, it’s now 3:28pm and I’m basically finished with this blog here… I kind of went off on a tangent about hidding meanings in songs for a bit. Writing between phone calls is a bit challenging… I really should try managing my time a bit more and doing these before work so I don’t get so frustrated with both work and writing.


Great Expectations… The Procrastinator Chapter

Hey guys, I don’t think I’m going to keep apologizing for not posting in a while. It takes away from my mystery…

That, and sometimes it honestly just takes me a few days to sort out an entire post like this. I started this blog on the 6th and it’s now the 16th… I had grand ideas when starting this blog I was going to try and be faithful and at least get something up once a week… I can barely manage!

So, first, I’m going back to school. I recently applied to Western Governors University to the Bachelors of Science in Accounting program and was accepted, just missing Adam’s 2015 tax return, but I am schedule to start April 1st of this year…
I’m really not going to have time for anything anymore HAHA.

Second, we got a cat. We adopted him through one of the local shelters with the original name of Stimey… We quickly decided we wouldn’t be calling him that, but didn’t really decide on a name til we were half way home, listening to him cry in the carrier. We decided on Bubba, with several variations of nicknames (ie: bubbers, bubbo and bubs)


He has brought a great sense of fullness and relief to the house. We had been discussing getting a cat for a long time, but we hadn’t really made any attempts to fulfill the promises, other than buying everything necessary for a cat… So, with our taxes, we paid the pet deposit and we started our very short search into furkid adoption. There was one prior to finding Bubba, but I’m very glad we brought Bubba home instead… He’s a chill 4 year old that loves cuddles and is great at lovin’s…


Also, I wanted to kind of update on my weight loss journey and the keto stuff…  I know I had just recently shared a post (on the 25th) with some picture progress and a little look into the mental aspects of this Way of Eating… If I remember correctly I think I even shared how elated I was with the progress… But, with all the excitement of just getting the blog up and then dealing with the website that stole the blog without my permission, whatever excitement I had found in the differences went away and I started getting really critical of myself…

I try to take Weekly Progress shots… To kind of help show myself that I am making some kind of progress:


In fact, all together since before Christmas (lets say around 12/15), I’ve lost a total of 32.1 pounds. I had started off at 340 and I’m now down to 308 (and I’ve even had a few cheat days), though I’m not entirely sure 308 is my correct weight, as I’m relying on a bathroom scale in between doctors visits. There actually is quite a noticeable difference, as seen by the final picture above. I took the bottom two today obviously.

I do apologize for being in my underwear, but really isn’t much of a better way to show the progress with my stomach (which is the biggest problem area). The biggest difference I can see is in how low the panniculus is hanging (laments terms, the FUPA area, haha, you know the hangy down area of the stomach right at your pelvis). It has raised considerably and the only way I could tell was by taking photo’s in my underwear… Was a lot hard to distinguish in photo’s with pants on, and honestly I love having no pants parties!

I was actually kind of depressed for a few days. We had basically half  a week of cheat meals due to stress and lacking funds for actual grocery shopping. But I was mainly depressed because I really didn’t notice much of a difference in how I looked and yet my clothes were fitting a lot looser… I guess that’s part of my body dysmorphia… I don’t know what it would take for me to see myself as thin… But, I know I have to stop looking at photo’s of when I was super skinny… Because I don’t think that’s helping me distinguish the differences in what I look like today as opposed to what I looked like last November… I get a bit discouraged when I try on a shirt that was kind of tight on me when I bought it and notice it’s still kind of tight on me… It’s why I try and stick to the same outfit for “progress photos”.

My arms and my legs have gotten considerably less flabby, and I noticed the pouch right above my butt (fat shelf???) is also going down…
I don’t really have pant’s that aren’t a size 16 or a size 26… But I’m pretty sure I’m down to a size 20 at this point… And a lot of my 4x and 3x shirt’s are getting pretty loose and baggy on me, not all of them… Clothes are ridiculously made now a days anyways for females…


I’m having a few issues, all-in-all, with this whole lifestyle change… I noticed I picked up smoking MORE now than I did before the diet. Especially considering that a year ago I had quit smoking for a whole 5 months (march to september without any cigarettes, just vaping)…
I noticed today that I really am disappointed in myself for smoking as much as I am now… I still vape, but I have been buying cigarettes again and going through them in 2 days, where as before christmas I was able to make a pack of cigarettes last nearly 4 days….
On top of all of this, I’ve been trying to get up at more decent hour (so, I try to shoot for around 9am…), and I really want to give my Levothyroxine a chance this time around, as my last blood work results after stopping levo were terrible, and after going back on was at 1.28 (which if you didn’t know is the healthiest TSH level area you can be in… anywhere between 1 and 2 is kosher)…
So, with that being my thought process, I have really stopped eating til after 1pm… A lot of this started with me trying to branch back into the Intermittent Fasting on top of doing the Keto WoE… I thought that if I really only ate lunch and dinner I could stop snacking so much through out the day and that would help me also…
I still wake up with nausea and stomach pains, thinking I need to eat something… But, I’ve been pretty successful at keep my eating schedule set… So, I really only eat lunch and dinner now… Honestly for the past 4 or 5 days, all I was eating was Salami and cream cheese roll ups….

So, with that in mind. Today is the first Friday of LENT 2018… Even though I don’t practice Roman Catholicism anymore, and haven’t since I was 18… LENT has been a part of my life the entire time. I always drop meat on Wednesday and Friday for the entirety, however that’s pretty much all I do… I don’t know if it’s been ingrained in me from doing it since I was 12… Or if it’s just something I actually enjoy doing… Because honestly, I don’t think about it at all until it’s that time of year again… Since I’m doing the Keto WoE and I’m trying to add the Intermittent Fasting into the diet… I thought this would be a good time to try and add fasting day’s. LENT is all about sacrificing something one loves (even if the reason behind eating Fish instead of meat was illuminati’d into the church to help raise the price of fish in the markets to get more funds for the church, but BAH), I literally woke up this morning and was like… Today is the day…

So, I’m not going to lie and say my FASTING is pure… I can’t do the Water Fast For God (I added the link in case you thought I just made that up…. I didn’t… It’s a real thing…) anymore than I can completely give up eating carbs all the time… Technically, I am drinking water, however it’s brewed into a delicious drink called Coffee… and if you don’t like coffee, you can drink tea… They both are made out of water! I also drank a NOS today, due to not eating I knew I would be severely lacking in energy… Now I’m just all shaky from the 23 carbs by sugar rush I have going on, and I drank that thing like 6 hours ago…


I’m honestly not even hungry… I mean there was a few points in the day where I’m sure my insulin levels were crashing and my stomach started hurting and I got all swim-y in the head… But those passed, and I’m actually not feeling terrible at the moment. I am kind of tired, but I know even if I was at home right now, I wouldn’t be laying down to go to sleep… I’m stuck working til 11 anyways…

I don’t want this to adversely effect me though. I know before I would not eat for an entire day and feel fine, then I’d binge eat til I felt disgusting and got sick… That was my M.O for years…


I’m going to try and type of weeks 4 and 5 of my music challenge project to get up here finally… I really am such a good procrastinator…


52 week music challenge – Week 3

This week I totally forgot I was doing this and slacked.. I ordered my keyboard on Monday and was too excited to think about anything else… IN FACT, you might have noticed I haven’t posted at all this week (maybe a bit of last week either…) I took on a bunch of extra hours at work and outside of that, I’m adjusting to the new birth control and trying to get back in to Keto because we just keep cheating HAHA.

So, when my keyboard came yesterday, I got it all set up and realized I had to work for 7 hours, I was not impressed.

Finally I got to sit down and mess around with it… And… I realized I knew absolutely nothing about reading music still… I was in band, pep band, marching band and jazz band… I was in orchestra for a little bit… I was in choir… No one ever bothered teaching me how to read sheet music… I got through all of that by playing/singing by ear… I taught myself guitar, flute, oboe and piano (though I will admit I did have some classical training and did a few competitions for piano in high school)…

Still shocked and dismayed me how inept I was in that department….
So… Im going to make it up as I go.. Which is what I`m best at anyways.


This week, I decided to try Titanium by Sia… Now… I can do it on guitar pretty alright… Those high points there in the chorus really get me, so I prefer to not do that (and I can`t seem to get the pitch right to do it in a different key).

I hope you enjoy, and I know it sucks, so don`t feel free to tell me that 😛